Becky Gremore

House Completed December 2019



Becky getting in a few sweat equity hours sorting donations at the ReStore.

Becky and her girlfriend were shopping in the Livingston County Habitat for Humanity (LCHFH) ReStore one day and saw a sign about applying for the program. Her friend encouraged her to apply asking, “What do you have to lose?” After the end of an eight year marriage, Becky found herself living in her girlfriend’s basement. “Livingston County is so unaffordable for people just starting out,” she states.


Although the story may not be unique, the situation is. Becky grew up in 10 school districts and five foster homes as an abuse and neglect case. She has a brother and sister, six and five years respectively, younger than her. They were adopted out into the same family, but because she was older, she was not. “I felt like a puppy in a shelter waiting for a forever home.”


Becky has also found out since that she has a half-sister, also placed by adoption, who should be 16 years old but she has never known. She is hoping that someday that they will have the opportunity to connect.


Eventually able to save enough money, Becky was able to purchase her current home. She moved into a mobile home with her two children but the furnace was not working. She got help from a local agency to get it working again but was told because of the style and age of the home that things were going to keep deteriorating and rotting. In fact, she has had to repair a hole in the floor. She’s had to patch the roof that leaks and has since found a used furnace and changed it out.


Becky feels that if she never applied for the Livingston County Habitat for Humanity program she would never get out of the place she lives, never be able to put a down payment on a home, never have a home outside of a manufactured community.


She doesn’t want to be a mom who works three jobs just to pay the bills, one who is never home and never sees her kids. Becky’s children are very important to her. She has a son, 12 years old, and a daughter, 9. She wants to be the mom involved with their lives.


Becky graduated as a straight A student with honors from Howell Public Schools. She was born here, wants to stay here and wants her kids to graduate from here. “I want to stay in Howell. This is my community.”


Besides working in a downtown Howell business, Becky has facilitated a youth group for foster care children. She has met with legislators and other community members to bring awareness about the foster care system.


“Thank goodness for the Habitat for Humanity program so that I will have money available to get the things we actually need and not just put it toward rent.”


“What Livingston County Habitat for Humanity is offering is a way out.”


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